[a page from Black Widow: Last Days]

Black Widow: Last Days is the third and final graphic novel of the Nathan Edmondson/Phil Noto series. I was caught by surprise – Black Widow is incredibly popular and I really enjoyed the first volume. Every time I was at a bookstore or a comic book store, I could never find the 2nd volume, so I had no idea the third volume had come out. The things sacrificed to crossover events.

I still don’t have A Tightly Tangled Web, which makes enjoying this volume a little harder. The art is still stellar. Natasha is an intoxicating blend of extreme competency, determination, pragmatism, and ruthlessness. Last Days mostly wraps up an overarching storyline against an unpredictable organization and while Black Widow is impressive, it wasn’t because of the story. This is partly due to not having prior context and possibly a printing error since some pages were missing dialogue. Not having dialogue made some of Natasha’s actions appear more merciless, which may not have been a bad thing. But the story resolves itself perhaps too neatly.

However, the last two issues provide a wonderful coda to this version of Natasha Romanov. It begins with Black Widow knowing she cannot save everyone but trying to save as many as possible before taking us to her past. Particularly, her first mission in Cuba. To witness the first of her sins against the last of her actions before Secret Wars, it’s a testament to the complexity of Natasha. 

secret love secret wars

Marvel’s crossover for 2015 was Secret Wars where superheroes of various dimensions came together to 1) figure out what the hell happened and 2) fix it. Secret Love is a tie-in romance anthology comic which collects five short stories about various pairings in the crossover universe.

My favorite is “Misty and Danny Forever” by Jeremy Whitley and drawn by Gurihuru. Not only does the comic look adorable (they have a kid, Lucy! She is adorable! She is carrying a doll of her daddy, just like Danielle is carrying a Luke Cage doll!) but it also touches on some realistic views of marriage. I think it’s great that the comic shows some fears and feelings of disconnect as well as how easy it is to reconnect and re-establish that intimacy.


Favorite Quotes – Jessica Jones Season 1: Jessica Jones (1/∞)

Jessica Jones came out on Netflix yesterday. It is the second series from the Netflix-Marvel arrangement and is set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Krysten Ritter is Jessica Jones, a private investigator with superhuman abilities. It`s a modern noir show full of psychological horror, exploring the dynamics between control and consent.

This is not an easy show to process, but I think it`s important this show exists. I hope it can be used an as an example and as vocabulary for people to discuss the dynamics of consent, control, and abuse.


A  V  E  N  G  E  R  S 

I totally forgot to update my movie list earlier this week. This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada so my husband took Tuesday off to make it even longer. We spent it watching movies and eating bbq, which is an excellent way to spend time.

I had really low expectations for Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’ve been having MCU fatigue since Guardians of the Galaxy. (Although it amuses me that some treat the MCU and its actors like a more adult boyband fandom.) But I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought.

It did an impressive job involving the original Avengers, their supporting characters and heroes, introducing four origin stories, advancing various individual storylines, advancing the overall Avengers arc toward Infinity Gauntlet, and you know, the movie’s own storyline.

I’m a bit peeved at how Captain America could not hold Thor’s hammer just so Vision could prove his worthiness. I’m also confused about how aware the Hulk is of his actions when. Hulk/Black Widow did come out of nowhere but it sparked and fizzled when it should.

Weirdly enough, I got old-school Superman vibes twice during the movie but for the life of me I cannot remember what moments. I guess it just felt classic superhero “we do good because that’s what we do” and none of this grimdark stuff.

Dr. Helen Cho was great and I want Amadeus Cho and World War Hulk so badly. And if the Black Panther movie does not involve the leader of an afrofuturist utopia who is super pissed at the damage the white ‘heroes’ Avengers did to its neighbor, I am going to be disappointed.


She-Hulk #2

The She-Hulk series slowly but continually show how singularly impressive Angie Huang is. Woman of color with a nontraditionally displayed body type being the superest paralegal ever? (and who may be slightly older too?) The series may be cancelled but I hope Charles Soule finds a way to keep her around in Marvel.

One issue left. =(