My next project has been announced! Secret Coders, written by Gene Luen Yang – and there’s a preview at!

I was in Boston last weekend and was fortunate to be around during MICE, the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo. I bought a copy of Secret Coders from @therealmikeholmes and was able to get it signed by both him and Gene Luen Yang. (And talk about the importance of digital literacy.)

I think it’s great that there’s a graphic novel series about teaching kids to code. My dad’s a software engineer and he thought it was really important for us kids to learn computer programming. I understood some parts of it but never really wrapped my head around other things. Secret Coders does explain potentially complex concepts in an understandable way. I genuinely know how to compute in binary now!


First Second authors at MICE!

Oh hey, that’s me in the last picture in the red jacket, looking like a granny! I totally dorked out at Gene Luen Yang and got my copy of Secret Coders signed. It’s a shame Lucy Knisley got sick and was unable to come, I also would’ve mightily dorked out. I missed her at TCAF earlier this year.

(fyi, i also dorked out at ryan north of dinosaur comics/unbeatable squirrel girl. i was able to buy a graphic novel for a combo of US/Canadian cash, because that’s how we roll.)