[Astro City: Private Lives cover]

Astro City: Private Lives is the latest graphic novel in the Astro City anthology comic series. Kurt Busiek takes common themes and ideas about comics and somehow turns them into incredibly engaging stories. One of the things I love about Astro City is that we get perspectives that don’t involve major heroes in-universe. This collection is about “a sorcerer’s personal assistant. A costumed criminal struggling with normal life. A godly visitation to the mortal world. A roadside museum of killer robots. And a teenaged mad scientist’s fateful birthday party.” These stories are tied up in an overarching meta-plot, but they’re little stories in a rich universe.

Upcoming Astro City covers #7 and #9 (currently on DC’s Vertigo)


This is going to be a take about DC’s Trinity (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman) with his characters Samaritan, Winged Victory, and the Confessor. Astro City is about life in the city, life in a superpowered world. You get stories about heroes, about villians, but usually about the everyday people who live with them.

I am so sad I couldn’t find a hi-def picture of cover #8 and that I can only reblog it. BUT DEM ALEX ROSS COVERS.

And I totally want to freak out about the Confessor but I can’t due to spoilers in his previous arc Astro City: Confession but it is an amazing story and should never be ruined to people.