[Picture of Taiwanese drama What She Put On The Table]

What She Put On the Table is a Taiwanese drama based on Fu Pei-Mei, considered the Julia Child of Taiwan. The drama itself seems to be based on a fictional book with biographical details and recipes from Fu. I’m only on episode 2 of this 6-episode miniseries but I’m quite enamored of it.

It has one of the most convoluted but adorable meet-cute I’ve ever seen. And since it’s about a chef’s life, there’s the occaisional food porn. The auntie/ah-ma/exasperated Taiwanese is A+++ and it looks like it’s going to be about food, family (real and found), all set in the tiny island my parents are from. I love it.

Book cover of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas]

Angie Thomas’ debut novel¬†The Hate U Give¬† is an incredible story about the ways a black teenage girl navigates through different areas in her life after witnessing an act of police brutality. It is easy to see which parts are directly influenced by recent events (rest in peace Eric Garner and Edward Crawford) and the Black Lives Matter movement which helps demonstrate how this is both a modern story and yet a sadly ageless tale for black Americans. Empathetic and heartfelt, I hope this book provides its readers a better understanding of systemic race and, more importantly, a call to act for a more just world.