[Picture of Taiwanese drama What She Put On The Table]

What She Put On the Table is a Taiwanese drama based on Fu Pei-Mei, considered the Julia Child of Taiwan. The drama itself seems to be based on a fictional book with biographical details and recipes from Fu. I’m only on episode 2 of this 6-episode miniseries but I’m quite enamored of it.

It has one of the most convoluted but adorable meet-cute I’ve ever seen. And since it’s about a chef’s life, there’s the occaisional food porn. The auntie/ah-ma/exasperated Taiwanese is A+++ and it looks like it’s going to be about food, family (real and found), all set in the tiny island my parents are from. I love it.


Are we sure we should be paying attention to these guys? It’s like, who died and left Aristotle in charge of ethics?

The Good Place is on Netflix Canada and while ethics + afterlife + sitcom is an unusual combination, it is pretty great. It’s by Michael Schur who also did Parks & Recreation as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine so we get some guest spots like Adam Scott as a demon and Marc Evan Jackson as Ted Danson’s boss.It also has the most hilarious wedding I’ve seen in awhile.


Master of None Season 2

Your relationship probably wasn’t gonna be this magical fantasy that’s in your head. It was probably gonna be a shitshow.

I enjoyed most of Master of None season two but my age is showing because I had no sympathy for the overarching plotline in the last two episodes. It’s one of those things that happens with late nights and magical moments because you just like someone so much and there’s a vibe and I get it, I do. But you gotta figure out what you want away from whoever’s creating magnetic distortion. It’s always complicated but the solution is simple – you clear your head at any cost so you can be honest with yourself.