My New Obsession : Hayden-Harnett Handbags, Accessories & Apparel

Just discovered this great line. Many of her items are currently on sale! Check it out HERE!

(images from hayden harnett)

Hayden-Harnett was my first accessories love. Toni Hacker’s designs always had some kind of extra oomph that made her stand apart from other designers. I am normally not a fashion/handbag kind of person, but the designs won me over. 

I just used a bag of hers a few weeks ago for a wedding.

But now the website has pretty much shut down and it looks like Toni Hacker has left the brand. I’m a bit sad, but hopefully she will continue to design accessories and so I can someday get my hands on them.

(from reddit/vintagesewing)

My in-laws got me a sewing machine for Christmas. I had only mentioned my idle desire to learn how to sew once – either last year or the year before. Like most hobbies, the start up cost can be pricey and I didn’t really have a space for it.

(I picked up knitting, which still textile wizardry to me. But haha, who bought a circular needle set and double pointed needles and have you seen the cost of yarn, even at Michael’s? Yeaaaaaah, not cheap if you want to go beyond squares and rectangles.)

But they went to a Salvation Army and found a Singer Fashion Mate 257 with the manufacturer’s sticker still on it. They bought it, got it serviced and my father-in-law is going to build a wooden case for it. (Some of them apparently were built into a cabinet or table and the one they found is mounted on a wooden plank, which is kinda nonfeasible to live with.)

As you can see, it’s a fairly simple machine with about 4 different types of stitches and 3 needle positions. But it should be more than enough for me and my beginner needs.

I’m excited but also terrified because what if it turns out sewing is too complicated for me? Or that I don’t like sewing in general? I really really hope that doesn’t happen.