I don’t have anything new to say about Saga. It’s an epic story about family and love set in a fantastical science fiction universe. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and volume 5 will kick your teeth in with feels after you’ve bleached out your eyes with that infamous dragon panel.


References to Final Art in Little Robot.


I picked up Little Robot over Thanksgiving. It is a mostly wordless graphic novel about a little girl who makes friends with a robot. It’s a wonderful story about friendship. The little girl is smart, kind, clever, and brave. She’s not perfect and makes mistakes but she does her best.

This is what I love about Ben Hatke’s stories. I love how the girls in his stories are amazing but are allowed to be scared and to be wrong. And look at this art!

I’m slowly going through Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. The way he provides a definition and vocabulary on how to talk about comics so far is impressive. He presents abstract concepts in a very simple and clear way.

I’ve read comics since I was a kid, but it’s refreshing (and exciting!) to learn about the current approaches and the possibilities about the medium itself.


My next project has been announced! Secret Coders, written by Gene Luen Yang – and there’s a preview at Wired.com!

I was in Boston last weekend and was fortunate to be around during MICE, the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo. I bought a copy of Secret Coders from @therealmikeholmes and was able to get it signed by both him and Gene Luen Yang. (And talk about the importance of digital literacy.)

I think it’s great that there’s a graphic novel series about teaching kids to code. My dad’s a software engineer and he thought it was really important for us kids to learn computer programming. I understood some parts of it but never really wrapped my head around other things. Secret Coders does explain potentially complex concepts in an understandable way. I genuinely know how to compute in binary now!


Previews for Peter Panzerfaust #19 coming out tomorrow! Go pick it up tomorrow.

Story: Kurtis Wiebe, Art: Tyler Jenkins, Color: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Letters: Ed Brisson

I know Rat Queens is so hot right now but I really love Peter Panzerfaust. It makes me sad that it’s not as popular. I picked up trades 3 and 4 and they are so excellent. Tiger Lily and The Hunt here? Everything is so perfect.

When are the last two issues coming out? I need closure!