[The Vision #1 cover]

This is what you need to know:

THE VISION is a synthezoid – an android composed of synthetic human blood and organs. He was created by Ultron to destroy The Avengers, but instead he turned on his “father”, and he’s been a member of the superhero team ever since.

Recently, Vision purged the emotions associated with his memories from his hard drive in order to keep his processing system running smoothly. But the consequences of this action have yet to be fully realized…

In the first issue of Marvel’s ongoing comic THE VISION, we find out that Vision doesn’t dream. His family doesn’t dream. They lie alone at night, processing the day’s events. Deciding what to keep and what to forget.

All in the quest to become more human. Normal.

A synthetic man builds a synthetic family and moves to the suburbs. They have the same skin, the same powers. The same curiosity about the world and humanity. What does it mean to be normal and ordinary when they are so clearly not?

THE VISION is a story of ever-increasing tragedy. There will be death. Synthetics will act like humans. But humans are capable of doing monstrous things in the name of love. What has been unleashed upon the world?