I was going to do a thing and then I got distracted. My first ever glitch art! It’s a black and white self-portrait that got imported to Audacity and screwed around with. I used this tutorial.

Quick version, I took a picture of myself and:

  • saved it as a bitmap (.bmp) file
  • imported it into Audacity
  • put various section of the wave through ”Effects”
  • exported it as a jpg file

You apparently can open a .jpg file through Microsoft WordPad and edit it that way. WordPad will turn the photo into a text mess and then you play around with the text and save as a .jpg file again.

There’s also an online editor.

The two best parts about the tutorial is that glitch art is considered databending and that since I did this through Audacity, I CAN LISTEN TO MY FACE. YOU GUYS, MY FACE IS LIKE ONE LONG METAL CHORD.