Alyssa Reid – High
The Knocks – Collect My Love ft. Alex Newell
Nadia Nair – K
Rosalia – Pienso en tu Mira
Kwesta – Spirit ft. Wale
Janelle Monae – Take A Byte
MNEK – Tongue
Hayley Kiyoko – What I Need (ft. Kehlani)
Rina Sawayama – Ordinary Superstar
BTS – Paradise
Red Velvet – Bad Boy
Khalid, H.E.R. – This Way
Normani, 6lack – Waves
RM – moonchild



I made this mashup in mid-December 2017 and I think it worked out remarkably well. Then just for kicks, I put it as the background music of a twitter video of BTS dancing and it also worked out really well. So I decided to make a BTS dance break compilation video to the song which was a learning experience.

Some notes:

  • Video editing is much more complicated than audio editing. Audio editing for mashups is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle – do these pieces fit? Video editing is like sculpting or making a collage – the pieces already exist, how do you shape it to your vision?
  • Now that I’ve seen the N.O. tour dance break many, many times, I’m convinced that it made learning the Fire dance break choreo a lot easier.
  • I wanted to feature choreo that included the entire group, not just the primary dancers. Fancams in theory sound really nice, but the sheer magnitude was overwhelming. Also, some fansites don’t want their video edited or re-uploaded.
  • It was hard finding a video editing program to work on my computer. I didn’t want to shell out $20 USD/month just for Adobe Premiere. The free video editing options like DaVinci Resolve, Hitfilm Express, or Lightworks all kept crashing on my outdated computer. Humble Bundle had Sony Vegas Pro 14 Edit for $20 USD (Pro 15 Edit is currently $449 CAD) and thankfully that gamble paid off.
  • It’s a testament to both songs that I’m not tired of this mashup yet.

When I was a kid, I thought being a music video director was a really cool job. MTV and cable tv were very popular back in the day and growing up in a house that had neither probably increased the appeal.

With the Internet, remix culture started taking off around the late 90s, early 2000s? Photoshop was invented in 1990. “A Stroke of Genie-us”, a mashup of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” and The Strokes’ “Hard To Explain”, came out in 2001. YouTube was invented in early 2005 and acquired in late 2006. I Can Has Cheezburger/lolcats happened around 2007. That’s over 10 years ago. Now our memes are created, gif’d, and shared in a matter of moments.

So considering this is my first fanvid, you could argue I’m behind the digital times. (I’ve actually spliced physical film and tried to edit a video project in 7th grade. My partner kinda took over. Ah, groupwork.) I feel like I’ve got a good handle on audio editing and Audacity, even though there’s still a lot to learn. Video editing is even more complicated than audio editing. It was a lot of work to edit the audio, then download videos, edit them into subclips, and arrange them into some kind of narrative. I say I put 15 hours into this moody artsy fartsy 43 second thing?

One thing I learned in 2017 is that creating is restorative. Even if all my materials and inspiration are from other people’s work, I’m still taking all that and making something new. Even if no one else likes it, like it. And I learned how to make a thing. Which will help me in making future things. I can finally make that Beyonce/Pacific Rim fanvid now that I found an editing program that won’t crash in my old computer!

Another thing I didn’t realize was hard was sharing the finished result. I alternated between “this is so cool” and “what am I doing, this is garbage” a lot. It helped to frame it as I’m learning how to communicate visually in a new way, but it’s hard to go past “why bother?” On one hand, I’m making things I want to see in the world, which is pretty cool. Then again, external validation can feel pretty sweet. According to Twitter, this is a pretty common feeling, one that will take time to get used to. So I better start making more things!

[Picture of Taiwanese drama What She Put On The Table]

What She Put On the Table is a Taiwanese drama based on Fu Pei-Mei, considered the Julia Child of Taiwan. The drama itself seems to be based on a fictional book with biographical details and recipes from Fu. I’m only on episode 2 of this 6-episode miniseries but I’m quite enamored of it.

It has one of the most convoluted but adorable meet-cute I’ve ever seen. And since it’s about a chef’s life, there’s the occaisional food porn. The auntie/ah-ma/exasperated Taiwanese is A+++ and it looks like it’s going to be about food, family (real and found), all set in the tiny island my parents are from. I love it.